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Comments Section & Policy: Disable Comments or Stricter Moderation?

The situation in KTG’s comments section has gone far out of control recently. More than 10-15 comments per day solely aiming to target and attack each other? In the last 24 hours, I deleted 20 ‘comments’ by users furious at each other. Guys, You must be kidding… Guys, I wonder, how you manage to survive on so much vitriol.

Such comments add nothing in value; in fact, they are not even ‘comments’.

They are a misuse of the opportunities KTG gives you to express your opinion on certain issues of Greek, European or even global interest.

Some of you will not even let a gnat touch ground on KTG. They feel they are obliged to add their sauce and kill it with a swatter. Others keep repeating the same ten-word mantra for at least the last 365 days.You’ve made your point, guys, with more than 100 comments!

And some would post 5 comments within -what? half an hour? – addressed to a single user here.

Some think they have the right to intervene in my moderation guidelines, and other feel offended I do not allow ‘comments’ containing insults, hate, racism and sexism or incite to unlawful actions.

You are not alone here, guys, you cannot insult or bore other readers. It is toxic. It leads to nowhere.

I have been much too tolerant believing in pluralism and freedom of expression. When these two values that are important to me get exploited, then my tolerance reaches its limits. It is worn out. Exhausted. Finished. Kaput. Over.

Technology provides me with tools on how to deal with this issue:

Disable Comments (Not Like) – Very strong moderation (Like) as in last 24 hours -Allow everything no matter how bad (Not Like At All).

I could also ban users, but I do not want to do it either. Notice: I have banned users in the past, nobody missed them or even realized they were banned – except themselves, of course.

Comment Policy: What should be done?

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Comment is Free? That’s a joke with double meaning.

Moderation of Comments takes time and effort. KTG’s time and effort. KTG’s huge amount of time and effort.

Comments space is a gift from site administration to readers. It is is not a right the readers can claim.

You are still welcome to comment. It’s only that you may not be able to see your comment posted.



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  1. More “strict” moderation means KTG’s opinions as to what constitutes an insult, a repetition of position, etc determining the publication or not of comments.
    No moderation carries the danger of foul language and insults dominating the site
    No comments will eventually lead the site into oblivion as the readers progressively feel alienated.
    None of those are viable options, I believe. Why can’t moderation be as it was, with the addition of a more strict regime for endless dialogue – for example, something like a max of three levels of replies per message.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      “No comments will eventually lead the site into oblivion”: this is a great misconception. Think of all the sites with comments ‘off’ and KTG’s first years that operated without comments. How many readers do you think will feel alienated? make a guess: 5? 10? 100? 1000? 5000?

      • I agree totally with Iannis. People should be allowed to post factual comments, interpretations and interesting opinions. Racistcomments, lies, propaganda and personal attacks are not acceptable. I find myself having to respond to many lies and personal attacks here. Just don’t allow any, and the problem is solved.
        And of course sites with comments get far more visitors. This is very clear. Blogs with no interaction fall into disuse.

        • keeptalkinggreece

          There is no such ‘And of course sites with comments …’

          • You are in denial. Why do you think newspapers and blogs have comments? To make their lives more difficult?

          • keeptalkinggreece

            they have comments to primarily to allow people express their opinions to developments, events, economics, politics, or to author’s approach on an issue. even on recipes. not to have users comments on other commentators’ opinions. users can do that on social media. Furthermore, newspapers and some blogs have staff to deal with moderation. that’s not the case here. One either respects the Admin’s rules or not. The risk is yours.

  2. Why not get the readers involved and do some of the work with an abusive comment flag which can then be moderated as justifiable or not? —— with a wordpress plugin like ….. Personally, I would be curious (though I can guess) to see which posts generate the most abuse between readers.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      it is not the posts that create abuse among readers, it is the commentators abusing each other (and my nerves)

    • keeptalkinggreece

      thanks for the tip, the plug-in won’t help much – it will add for work for Admin to monitor the red flags.

  3. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    Why 5 comments in half an hour is very simple: it takes hours and days to post it, because youtube hacks in, so back ups are made

  4. We all know who the main culprits here are. There are probably two individuals who can’t conduct themselves with civility and resort to insults and childish behaviour and in doing so incite others.. They tend to rub people the wrong way and are abrasive individuals. Ban them

  5. keeptalkinggreece

    Me thinks I will also disable the option to reply to each other – for a couple of days.

    • KTG: you have to stop personal attacks from appearing here. But we need to reply to lies and propaganda from the Nazi comments you have often allowed to appear. I do not reply to these things to make your life difficult, or because I have a “childish attitude”. What nonsense is this? I reply when people post lies and/or disgusting comments — usually about immigrants and Muslims.

  6. You should just moderate comments before they are allowed on

  7. KTG, this is your site and your time – as far as I’m concerned you should be able to decide how much you want to deal with the abuse generated on your site. If you don’t want to deal with it (and believe me I know how much time and energy it can take), then shut off the comments. I will still visit to read the articles. In my opinion, you should warn people you feel are abusing your site once and then ban them (of course they usually come back under another pseudonym). And since it’s your site, you get to decide what “abuse” means. if people don’t like it, they’re welcome to start their own site and enforce their own rules.

    My two cents.

    P.S. AN thanks for everything

  8. when we begin having a discussion about banning users due to inflammatory comments and some users start with “nazi and immigrants and Muslim” comments it’s crystal clear some people just don’t get it and never will. They can’t help themselves

  9. Well, it is your site KTG, do what you want. I appreciate your work but I will respond to insults and accusations of racism. A certain person here calls everybody that does not even slightly follow his narrative all sorts of things but cries when somebody responds in kind, and then calls for censorship. I tried to be balanced and support my argumentation with data and context but all I get is replies without content but full of insults.

    Anyway, I am sorry if I caused you any inconvenience or sorrow. I am out of here. Good luck with your site KTG.

  10. PS if you decide to block, ban or temporarily lock out users then perhaps your content management system (WordPress and Sahifa) allows for a logon widget. So people need to make an account and need to log on before commenting. Blocking ip addresses does not work because most people in the world have dynamic ip addresses. WordPress and Sahifa have that functionality (of course, this is extra administration and people can always make a new account).

  11. Just to be very clear: the only people proposing bans here are the ones with a Nazi mentality. I presume form previous postings here that they are actually Golden Toilet activists. My suggestion is merely that hate speech, fascist comments and propaganda should be banned — along with personal and professional attacks on the person. I have at no point suggesting banning individuals. Like much that the far right post, this is something they have invented for their own propaganda purposes.
    The problem is that monitoring all of this puts a great burden on the site owner. It is hard work. I do know, from other sites such as OpenDemocracy, that the difficulty of managing the organised trolls and far right propagandists is very great — and, of course, decent people demand the right to reply to the lies and half-truths that have been posted. Many personal conflicts erupt when the far right people get to be known by name from their frequent posts. OD does ban a lot of people.
    You do have my sympathy for the task, KTG. But it seems to be a problem across the world – especially for English language sites.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      now if I do not approve the comments of this ‘Toilet’ would I do censorship?
      it doesn’t affect only English lang sites.