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Power union GENOP believes ‘climate change’ is a myth, hails Trump’s decision

One of most powerful Greek unions, the one of workers at Public Power Company, GENOP-DEH, claims ‘climate change’ is a ‘construct’ created by certain business interests. In a statement issued on Sunday, conspiracy theories believer GENOP hails US President Donald Trump for his decision to withdraw the US from the Paris Accord to fight climate change. At the same time, the statement is obviously issued in order to justify the continuation of coal-burning plants and to oppose moves to close them down.

“By arguing and insisting, obviously, on his view that climate change is simply a” Chinese conspiracy, “Tramp announces that the US is interrupting the non-binding terms of the climate treaty Change and end their contribution to the Green Climate Fund, ” the statement says and adds:

“A year and a half after the signing of the agreement, a superpower, the US (one of the states, namely the second state with the highest gas emissions) leaves the remaining 195 nations to continue the joint action plan that was “inspired “by some in order to end the era of fossil fuel.

It is a move that seems to confirm several things that might be obvious:

a) that behind the myth of climate change are the big business interests and specific industries that promote philosophies, campaigns, “logical” campaigns and propagate in favor of climate change, with an obvious goal to make profits


b) that a superpower such as the United States of America may be so indifferent to the future and without sensitivity towards something that is supposedly so “tragic” as the “construct” of the climate change?

Today, when we refer to the word ‘environment’, we think of ‘climate change’ and ‘global warming’ as climate change is a powerful political and economic issue in the hands of those who shape policies and who, in the name of “green portfolio”, invented “the green economy”.

“There is no smoke without fire”, GENOP notes and blames the “climate change” agreements in order to make a point against the planned closure of the coal-burning mines and units of PPC in Greece.

Sharply criticizing as the fee imposed on electricity bills for the “Renewable Energy Sources”, GENOP says “our planet and our country is in need of  Green Regeneration and not of Green Development.”

GENOP-DEH issued the statement on the eve of World Environment Day on June 5th.

PPC plant burning lignite

The approach of PPC-union is in stark contrast with the official position of Greek Public Power Company that recognizes the Kyoto Protocol, the Paris Agreement and that Climate Change is “caused by carbon dioxide emissions and other greenhouse gas emissions.”

The Greek Environment Ministry has not responded to GENOP-DEH statement. (it’s long weekend with bank holiday and everybody is away…)

PS I don’t know about our planet, but it seems our country is also in need …of powerful unions willing to use every possible and impossible argument to keep their status quo and their generous benefits while the rest of Greeks is going under.

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