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Defense Minister Kammenos contradicts Trump on F-16 cost

Greek Defense Minister Panos Kammenos contradicted Us President Donald Trump about the cost for the upgrade of F-16. He clarified that the 2.4 billion USD – as Trump claimed – are not for the upgrade of F-16 only.

The budget cap for the F-16 upgrading is $1.1bn, the rest is for aid and compensatory programs,” Kammenos tweeted.

Kammenos clarification came short time after Trump’s claim triggered strong reactions by opposition parties and social media users. The criticism was, of course, directed at Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and not at President Trump.

Who would have thought anyway that Trump would generously support Greece’s debt relief without a trade?

At the press conference with PM Tsipras, The US President sold the F-16 as “potential sale woth 2.4bbillion USD” adding that “This agreement to strengthen the Hellenic Air Force is worth up to $2.4 billion and would generate thousands of American jobs.”

The “American jobs” target made Trump round up the cost. One billion here, one billion there, who cares?

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