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Why you can’t wear high heels at ancient sites in Greece

Fancy high heels at Greece’s ancient sites? This is not a good idea for several reasons. In fact, it is forbidden since 2009. Here is why.

Everywhere you go, you should always bring the right shoes — and this rule especially applies when you’re in Greece.

Some of the country’s most famous ancient monuments do not allow visitors to wear high heels. Authorities put the ban in place in 2009, according to the Independent, since sharp-soled shoes were adding to the wear and tear of national treasures.

“Female visitors must wear shoes that do not wound the monuments,” Eleni Korka, Director of Greek Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities, told the Daily Mail in 2009. “These monuments have a skin that suffers and people must realise that.”

Luckily, there are plenty of stylish options when it comes to comfortable shoes. If you need inspiration, you can get it from celebrities like Reese Witherspoon and Rihanna, who know how to be comfy and chic (and considerate of ancient monuments).

The “no heels” rule is not the only one tourists will run into while sightseeing in Greece, either. If you’re planning on going to some ancient sites, don’t bring in any food or drink (and that includes gum). – travelandleisure

Models of the House of Chanel & Karl Lagerfeld wore high heels in ancient ambiance but it was just a recreation of the ancient ruins of Acropolis and Cape Sounion in the majestic Galerie Courbe of the Grand Palais in Paris.

PS of course, you can bring your water with. And if you chew on a gum, make sure you don’t dispose it on an ancient column or statue.

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