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Huge anti-terror operation in Athens, nine people linked to “foreign organization” detained

A huge operation of Greek anti-terror police in at least two suburbs of Athens has been taking place since early Tuesday morning. At least nine foreign nationals have been detained. The case is linked to ‘terror organization outside Greece’, police sources told media.

According to first information:

The huge anti-terror operation has taken place in three houses in Neos Kosmos and Kallithea suburbs of Athens.

Three people have been detained in each house.

The detained, 8 men and one woman, are reportedly Turkish nationals of Kurdish origin.

Police has confiscated “unknown material” that has yet to be identify if it is explosive. Furthermore: wires, clocks, personal computers and usb.

Citing police sources, media report that:

  • the operation and investigation refer to ‘suspects of a foreign armed organization’ that is not linked to the Islamic State.
  • it has to do with an older case of arms transport to an island of the Eastern Aegean Sea.

According to latest information, the detained are linked to “Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party/Front” DHKP-C, members of which were detained also in 2011 and 2014.

The  Turkish Marxist-Leninist party formerly known as Dev Sol is classified as terror organization by Turkey, USA and the European Union.

The operation is continuing.

Police announcements are expected.

The operation is taking place just days before Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is due to pay an official visit to Athens scheduled for the first week of December.

PS so the question is: were they planning something against Erdogan or did Athens do a favor to Ankara ahead of the Presidential visit. We will know more when Greek police makes the relevant announcemnts.

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