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Anarchists attack home of Mikis Theodorakis with paint ahead of Macedonia-Protest

Anarchists threw red paint and wrote slogans at the walls of the house of Mikis Theodorakis in the area of Acropolis on Saturday afternoon. The famous musician is the key note speaker of the Macedonia-protest rally, where hundreds of thousands of Greeks are expected to join their voices against a compound name of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia containing the term “Macedonia.”

“Your story begins on the mountains and ends in the national swamp of Syntagma” the anarchists wrote with reference to the communist and left past of the musician. They signed with the symbol of anarchy.

There were no detentions.

In a statement uploaded on his website short after the attack, Mikis Theodorakis said that he is not intimidated by the threats ahead of the protest.

” I am calm and ready,” Theodorakis told journalists and call on Greeks to “increase their will, anger, determination and impetuosity.”

Despite several health issues the 92-year-old musician has promised to speak at the Macedonia protest scheduled to start at 2 o’ clock Sunday noon at Syntagma square in front of the Parliament in downtown Athens.

A special installation was fitted at the speakers’ stage so that the musician and former left- and right-wing politician can reach with his wheelchair.

Greeks seem to be divided in two fronts as to whether Macedonia will be included in FYROM’s new name.  Left-wing SYRIZA looks determined to find a compromise solution to end the 26-year-old name dispute, its junior coalition partner, nationalist Independent Greek as well as the  conservative opposition are vehemently against a solution with the government’s proposal.

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  1. Bernhard Thiesing

    Not to write that Sunday’s (4 February 2018) rally at Syntagma square is a demonstration of (arch)nationalists and fascists is quite heavy stuff, don’t you think so?

  2. These aren’t anarchists – that is the Antifa symbol. Antifa was set up,organised and paid for by billionaire George Soros ten years ago in Germany as the thug arm of his multiple NGOs which he deploys to stir up demonstrations through violence. Most are hired just for the event, famously in USA through Craigslist. Unlike anarchists, Antifa participants have no political ideology and are just students and the unemployed earning money.

    Soros’ political aim is to abolish national sovereignty across the EU and bring a superstate into existence. Thus the Macedonia issue is perfect grist to his mill. Note that the excuse of “racism” is always used in this context (as he deployed it against Brexit in UK) despite racism not being an issue in dispute. And as it wasn’t with Brexit.

  3. George Patsourakos

    Mikis Theodorakis — or any Greek for that matter –should not be discouraged from speaking at a Macedonia protest in Athens, because of cowardly acts by anarchists.

    After all, Greece is the birthplace of democracy!

  4. @ Tsigantes Hungary’s Orbán has the right attitude to the Soros máfia, along with Zeman and the governments of Poand and Slovakia. . “Western” Europe should wake up and realize what he is. Austria is, so far, the only country that has done so. How much longer is Greece going to suffer under Merkel’s philosophy? Political and economic slavery is coming to a country near you soon.