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Athens-based company offers “Nazi Uniforms” for children carnival

A company based in Athens has been offering  a carnival costume that it “uniform of a German soldier”. The shocking costume is for children and offered via its online shop.

The whole package includes the uniform, hat and the armband with Swastika and boots covers. Available in children and young teenagers sizes.

“Only here you can find breathtaking costumes,” the online shop of the company notes.

Cost 35 euros plus transport expenses.

There was apparently an outcry about the uniform and the picture showing a child in typical nazi gesture. The company removed the costume – at least from its online shop.

Note: the Greek flag down right is a sign that this is “a Greek product.”

The company has been producing costumes for several decades.

PS Who would have thought that Greek parents would love to see their kids in nazi uniforms?

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  1. If I compare it to the USA, I don’t think it’s illlegal to do that, BUT no company I imagine would even dare to sell a very nasty and inappropriately offensive costume like that in the USA (legal or not) because they would find such an outroar virally online that would most likely cause their company to collapse. That’s the great thing in a democracy. You want to utilize your freedom of expression with garbage like this? Then be prepared to face the consequences from the thinking and caring public. Although, since we are in Europe, is this not illegal in Greece to sell or wear a uniform like that? Just curious?

    • well… they sell costumes for theater & movies so I can magazine they have nazi-costumes as well. I think it is more that hand gesture and the swastikas that upset the public. that’s not a regular German soldier but a Nazi officer.

  2. In poor taste yes, should it be illegal no

    Who decides which genocidial maniacs can be worn or not. Ataturk who was responsible for deaths of millions of Greeks, Armenians and assyrians is reverred in turkey. Should we ban pictures of him as well?

  3. to gianie: Hitler and Nazi Germany which had threatened the whole world and committed crimes against humanity except for a few of their allies seems to me a greater Evil than Attaturk, but I give you the point. Which maniacs are chosen as more important? I wonder if it comes down to spreading the world. Case in point, is that in the USA, I learned about Nazi Germany and how horrible they were but did not really hear much about Attaturk or other genocide until I came to Greece. Now, maybe I’m the less initiated guy? Could be. But, at least in the USA, Armenian, Greek genocide doesn’t get the full maintream media coverage it should. Or Hollywood movies against it either. But, rather than try to say who is worse, maybe we just keep brining up the bad people now matter who they are. In the hopes that this never happens again.