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Groups wearing hoods smash banks, hurl paint at university professor

Two groups wearing hoodies smashed the windows of several banks around Kaniggos square in downtown Athens on Thursday morning. According to media reports, the two groups were armed with sledgehammers and smashed the windows of the branches of National and Piraeus bank.

The attack occurred at 10 o’ clock in the morning.

When police arrived in the area the attackers had fled.

Nobody was arrested.

A little earlier, a group of ten people wearing hoods stormed the auditorium of the University of Piraeus and hurled paint at professor Mary Bossi. They threatened her “the worse is coming.”

Bossi described the attack as a “social intervention” and urged that the incident should not be blown out of proportion and gain more significance that it was.

She is professor of international security at the University of Piraeus and is considered an expert on terrorism.

Also in this incident nobody was arrested.

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  1. At least these groups realize that the greatest enemy of humanity at this time are bankers. It is one of the three professions with absolutely no value to society. The others are economist and financial manager.