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Controller abandons pupil in unknown station for missing €0.10 to buy ticket

Trainose is investigating the incident where a ticket controller set a 14-year-old pupil off the  Proastiakos train because the boy was missing 10 cents in order to buy a ticket at a cost of 1 euro. The incident took place last week and the boy was traveling from Patras to Rio.

The controller told the boy that without a ticket he had to get off the train at the next station.

The boy found himself alone in a place he had no idea about and could not explain his mother awaiting for him in Rio, where exactly he was.

“he was left off the train in Agia, at a completely unknown location,” his mother told Alpha FM on Monday.  The boy was reportedly in panic, he was crying and was not able to explain where he was or identify the place.

The mother added that she officially complained to TRAINOSE about the incident and is determined to take legal action against the company for having exposed a minor to danger.

The mother had also informed the Prime Minister about the incident by submitting her complain through the contact form on the website of the Prime ministry.

The new policy of Traiose is that passengers do not purchase tickets while on board, but apparently it is still done.

The incident last Thursday upset the society and several accused also other passengers of not helping the boy with 10 cents.

I remember several years ago a similar incident took place in Germany. Maybe after so many Germany-inspired austerity agreements, Greeks have lost their humanity…

Late on Monday the TRAINOSE said that preliminary investigation among the personnel does not confirm the incident. It calls on passengers who were aware of what happened to get in touch with the company.

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  1. This controller is probably the son of a banker.