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10-year-old missing Markella found; police investigates possible abduction

Happy ending for the thriller that shook the whole Greece and triggered an unprecedented mobilization of volunteers and internet users. 10-year-old Markella was found on Saturday morning some 3-4 km away from the spot where she went missing after school on Thursday. The girl was wandering around  with her backpack …

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Extreme bullying in elementary school in Thessaloniki; police investigates

A case of extreme bullying has taken place in an elementary school in Thessaloniki with police to investigate the issue. Pupils of the 2. grade have forced a classmate to lick one of the school toilets after the girl lost a beat in a game with an unprecedented “punishment” for …

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Agrinio: Hungry pupil, 7, faints in classroom

Going hungry in a family with no means of support. Going to school without a meal for two consecutive days. In Greece, in European Union in the seventh year of Loan Agreements and deadly austerity. A 7-year-old boy fainted during a class break on of the elementary schools in Agrinio …

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Kozani: a ministerial pat to a pupil crying about lack of teachers (video)

What does a minister do,when a pupil  bursts into tears in front of him, overwhelmed by the shortages in education? He gives a pat on the shoulder and most probably also wishes ‘good luck’. Or something like that. Because in Greece of Troika and lenders, there is not much a …

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