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School Principal of Special School bites pupil with disabilities

An elementary school teacher has bitten one of her pupils, an 11-year-old child with disabilities. The teacher is also the principal of the Special School in Arta, western Greece. She did not inform the mother of the incident. And it was the  It was the victim’s mother who found out that her child was abused. She filed a lawsuit against the principal.

The mother found out that something had happened with her son when she went to pick him upfrom school and saw scratches behind his ear and on his hand wrists. She was literally shocked to see a big blue bruise on the child’s leg with the imprint of teeth, when they returned home and she undressed him for a bath.

Speaking to local media maxitisartas.gr, the mother said that while still at the school, she asked the teacher what had happened.

The teacher told her that the scratches were caused when the school principal who is also a teacher tried to move away the child that her grabbed her hair. Her surprise was even bigger when she saw the bite.

As the child has been diagnosed with autism, it was not easy for him to explain what had happened, the mother said.

The woman contacted the teacher and she soon received a phone call by the Principal who “before I even asked, the Principal told me that she was her who bit the child in order to move him away as he was pulling her hair,” the mother stressed.

According to the mother, the Principal told her that she was in self-defense … from a 11-year-old child.

“Every day I struggle to have my child accepted! Because it is a disability that is not visible, that is, if we go to a playground my child, due to his autism, will want to play alone on the slide, he does not cooperate with the other children to play, and so to those who do not know my son, he looks like a spoiled child, since his disability is not visible ”

The incident in the school took place last Tuesday.

The Education Ministry has been reportedly informed about the incident.

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