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“Ball is in FYROM’s court,” says Greece as thousands protest agreement in Skopje

“The ball is in FYROM’s court,” Greece’s government spokesman, Dimitris Tzanakopoulos said on Sunday. “The Greek government is waiting for  Mr Zaef [FYROM PM] to make the decisive step to reach an agreement. The ball is in their court,” the government spokesman said.

Negoations between the foreign ministers of Greece and FYROM concluded last week, it is up to the prime ministers now to turn the green light on. Athens has set strict conditions but SKopje seems reluctant to accept them.

On Saturday, some 10,000 ultra-nationalists gathered in Skopje to protest a name change. The action was supported by the ultra-nationalist Prime Minister of Hungary, Victor Orbán. He  produced a video message supporting the efforts of FYROM’s main opposition party to block a solution to the long-standing name dispute with Greece. He praised its refusal to bend “under pressure from foreign powers”.

In Greece, opponents of solution to Macedonia name dispute organize protest rallies in 13 cities across Macedonia on June 6th. Interesting that no rallies are scheduled to take place in Athens and Thessaloniki.

“Apparently there was not enough funding to organized rallies in Greece’s two biggest cities, ” a friend commented.


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