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ND leader Mitsotakis submits no-confidence vote against gov’t over Macedonia

Main opposition leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis of conservative New Democracy announced Thursday noon that he is submitting no-confidence vote against the government over the Macedonia agreement.

“I want to see if  Mr. Tsipras has 154 votes for the Macedonia agreement,” Mitsotakis told the Plenary with a clear hint to coalition government partner ANEL and Panos Kammenos who has said that his party will not vote in favor of the agreement.

“I challenge you, Mr Tsipras, to turn the no-confidence vote into a confidence vote,” the ND leader added.

Justifying his decision Mitsotakis made extensive reference to the Macedonia agreement between Greece and FYROM saying among others that

“National issues mainly concern the non-negotiable defense of the country’s interests. Without parliamentary legitimacy, the government makes dangerous deals not only in the eocnomy but also in national issues. Mr Tsipras is preparing to sign an agreement and to bind the country in a context that will create fait accompli. The combination of economic and national issues is not coincident, it is a conscious choice for distracting attention from the issues of the economy … “

It is a serious retreat on national issues, Mitsotakis said, adding that “this is what the foreign factor [powers] wants, we want a solution, but that requires a strong Greece.”

Despite the strong opposition to the governmental handling of the Macedonia issue, New Democracy never disclosed what kind of a name it would preferred. ND’s opposition is apparently for the sake of opposition, main thing Tsipras strikes the deal and suffers a defeat in the eyes of Greek nationalists the ND targets as voters.

ND’s op-position to a Macedonia agreement coincides with the opposition inside FYROM: they both use the term “humiliating agreement” – so ex PM Samaras and FYROM President Ivanof.

Debate in the Plenary of the Parliament on Mitsotakis no-confidence vote is scheduled to  start at 6 pm Thursday, after the Palriament will have voted for the new austerity bill.

The voting on Mitsotakis’ proposal may take place Saturday noon, the day when Tsipras and Zaef are expected to sign the bilateral agreement.

It is worth noting that Mitsotakis no-confidence vote comes two months before Greece exits the bailout agreement.

For the moment it looks as if Mitsotakis has little chances to win the motion, even if it will be a big challenge and a dilemma for ANEL and Kammenos.

Does Mitsotakis want to overthrow the government? Yes, he wants. At any cost.

PS the ND frenzy reminds me of King Richard III and his famous “A horse! a horse! my kingdom for a horse!” even though in reverse version “My only, only horse for a kingdom!”

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