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Explosion on sailing boat injures UK family of tourists on Corfu

A 9-year-old girl reportedly suffered serious injuries after the engine of a sailing boat exploded earlier on Friday near the island of Corfu in the Ionian Sea. The girl’s parents were injured as well even though much slighter than the girl.

The 9-year-old is being hospitalized with serious burning injuries in a hospital in the capital of the island.

One should note that there were some conflicting reports came from local media:

  • CorfuTV: a 9-year-old girl and her parents were injured (posted at 4:20 pm local time)
  • Earlier, KerkyraSimera: a 10-year-old-boy was was seriously injured, mother and grandfather suffered slight injuries.

However by late Friday afternoon, majority of media reported of a ‘9-year-old girl’.

Three more Britons who were also on board are in good health as they escaped any injuries.

The explosion occurred short after 11:30 Friday morning while the boat was near the islet of Vidos at the mouth of the port of Corfu.

Greek Coast Guard is investigating the reason for the explosion.

It is not known whether the 7-meter-long boat was rented or belonged to the tourists.

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