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Greece decides double elections in May 2019

Interior Minister, Panos Skourletis, accepted a legislation change submitted by sixteen lawmakers of ruling party SYRIZA and therefore, elections for local (municipalities) and regional government will take place on the same day as the elections for the European Parliament: in May 2019.

Now scenarios that also parliamentary elections will take place on the same day are brewing although SYRIZA and coalition partner Independent Greeks insist that the government will exhaust its term and hold the elections in autumn of 2019, “in September” as several government lawmakers said today..

Of course, the scenario is just a scenario, however, if one takes into consideration developments on the Macedonia issue … the scenarios may come true.

A couple of days ago, FYROM prime minister, Zoran Zaef, said that Constitutional changes would be conduced by January 15,  2019. That would be the last condition FYROM – Severna Makedonija/North Macedonia – will have fulfilled in terms of Madeconia Agreement with Greece. Provided a positive outcome in the Referendum scheduled to be held in autumn 2018 and a ratification by the President who opposes it.

In this sense, the Macedonia Agreement will have to pass through the Greek Parliament some time in late winter or early spring. But Tsipras’ coalition partner ANEL and leader Kammenos have clearly stated that they will in no way support any agreement with the term “Macedonia.”

He has threatened to withdraw support to the government (SYRIZA) if it attempts to ratify the Macedonia Agreement with just 151 votes.

PS Can you imagine, four ballot boxes will be set? The nightmare of the voter over a certain age….

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