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Germany ordered a robot comment on Greece’s Bailout Program Exit

All Greece’s creditors added their spice and herb to the August 20 celebration sauce. Except Germany. Berlin chose to keep low profile and refrained from joining  the European fanfare. Instead, the master of the eurozone and the merciless judge and ruthless accountant came forward with a statement even the technocrat robot of  my personal assistant would have written better  with highly possible also with more compassion.

August 20 is a good day for Greece and the eurozone,” a spokesman of German Chancellor Angela Merkel told Greece’s state Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA).

“After eight years, today ends the last of the bailout programs necessitated in the crisis for a eurozone member-state. This is a good day for Greece and the eurozone. Greece exerted a great effort in the framework of fiscal adjustment programs, it brought its expenditures under control, it implemented reforms and because of all this returned to economic growth,” the spokesman said.

He added, “Eurozone partners – all eurozone countries, that is – repeatedly expressed great solidarity in tandem with European institutions and the IMF, to support Greece in this path.

“The successful completion of the ESM program signals a significant step for Greece, which will from now on be funded again on its own strength. In order to safeguard this successful progress, it is  now important for Greece to continue on the path it has followed so far. The Eurogroup agreements this June set an important foundationse for that,” he said.

My cat urged me to not be mean and take into consideration that this statement by Germany sounds so  soulless and technocratic because Berlin may feel a bit awkward about its strict austerity policy and preferred to comment focusing on the bare accounting fact sheets.

Then the other cat, the younger one, suggested that former Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble was the author of this statement and the background noise on the audio version is the sound of his grinding teeth.

Then the first cat, the older, claimed this was not possible, because Merkel kept him in a dark cellar and in iron chains on this particular day in order to not spoil the European creditors’ fun and celebrations.

The older cat replied that this was not possible as the old Merkel and the new Merkel has been implementing the same strict austerity policy on Greece and will continue doing so until the end of her days.

Then the younger cat hissed and said that even if Schaueble is in cellar he keeps moving the strings when it comes to Greece and to eurozone.

The older cat showed her discontent saying ….. I don’t know what she said and I will never find out. The two got engaged into a furry cat fight that is still ongoing as I put the last dot on the last sentence of this post.

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