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Corfu: One seriously injured in clashes between police and landfill protesters

One protester was seriously injured during clashes between riot police and locals over the Leykimmi landfill on the island of Corfu. The 32-year-old man had to have his hand amputated after a makeshift explosive device detonated in his hands.

Locals and riot police had taken place against each other on the road that leads to Leykimmi landfill on Sunday night.

At some point somebody fired a flare and this was the spark that led to clashes between a part of the protesters and the riot police.

Locals reportedly threw light and sound flares, stones and other makeshift devices at police which on its part responded with massive use of tear gas and flares.

During the clashes, the makeshift device exploded in the hands of the 32-year-old, mutilating  one hand from the wrist and causing him serious scrapes also on the face.

the man was taken to health center of Leykimmi for first aid, however, his transferred to the General Hospital of Corfu was necessary due to heavy bleeding.

He is in non-life-threatening condition, however, the damage to mutilated member is irreversible and no restoration operation is possible due to the extreme power of the explosion.

protesters who participated in the clashes reportedly  claim that the man was not carrying any explosive device and that he was hit by a flare fired by the police.

Police investigates the conditions under which the injury took place.

Several devices of motolov cocktail bombs were found in the area of the clashes. They have been collected and undergo forensics examination incl fingerprints analysis to detect who caused the injury.

Locals plan a protest on motorcycles to “protest the police violence. The demonstration is scheduled to start in Leykimmi at 6:30 p.m Monday and end in the center of the town of Corfu.

The garbage issue on Corfu is a plaque for residents and the thousands of tourists who visit the island in the Ionian Sea every year.

However, attempts to open a new landfill fail due to locals’ protests.

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  1. the tourists should take their garbage with them when they go back home.