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Athens wildfires victim dies in hospital, death toll rises to 98

An 83-year-old woman passed away early morning Thursday and her death increases the victims of Athens wildfires to 98, the Fire Service announced. The woman had suffered severe burn injuries on 23. July and was hospitalized in KAT ever since.

She is the second wildfires victim to die in the last five days in Athens hospitals.

Fifteen people in total have died in hospitals, another 83 suffered a torturing death in the areas of Mati and Neos Voutzas in East Attica, just 30 km away from the Greek capital.

According to data form August 27th, a total of 25 people remained hospitalized five weeks after the deadly fires. Four people were still Intensive Care Units, two of them were intubated. Today, Aug 30, media report that three injured are intubated.

On Tuesday, the last child still hospitalized was released from hospital. The 6-year-old boy had suffer burn injuries while he was in the wildfires area together with his mother and his grandfather. Both his relatives are still hospitalized.

Meanwhile, a case file prepared by the Fire Service has been submitted to judicial authorities in order to initiate procedures and charge all those responsible for the

A 3,000-page documentary was handed over to judges on Tuesday (28 August 2018) in order to initiate procedures to charge all those responsible for the lethal wildfires that left behind 98 dead and more than 180 injured.

The 3,000-page thick case file includes reports by forensic experts who conducted examinations on the victims who died in Mati and Neos Voutzas.

There are also analyses and estimations of how 26 people died in a single land plot by Kokkino Limanaki and why dozens of people were trapped on the coastal road of Mati.

The case-file reportedly describes the responsibilities for all the dramatic events and the unprecedented tragedy that took place on July 23rd 2018 in East Attica.

A big chapter refers to how the fire began in Daou on Penteli Mountain. Focus is on a 68-year-old resident who allegedly tried to burn branches in the plot outside his home despite the fact that very strong winds were blowing on that day and there was a warning by the Civil Protection. The case file includes testimonies by other residents and pictures from the footage recorded by security cameras from a nearby house.

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