Friday , December 14 2018
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Man climbs on 15m high sculpture in Omonia Sq, threatens to jump

It was short before 4 0′ clock Friday afternoon when a man climbed up to a 15-meter high sculpture in Omonia Square in downtown Athens and threatened to jump. Fire Service and an ambulance rushed to the spot.

One police negotiator was assigned to persuade the man to give up his plan.

A friend was his was reportedly heard to promise the desperate man that he would help him what whatever was necessary.

Dozens of bystanders had gathered and watched the drama for one and a half hour.

At some point the negotiator climbed on the sculpture and it was initially not clear whether he could persuade the man.

The Fire Service was determined to bring the man to safety, “even by the use of force,” some news website reported.

With the help of a special crane with a cub, two fire fighters approached the man and brought him to safety on the ground.

The man, a Greek, is said to be between 40 and 50 years old.

He was taken to hospital.

The reasons that pushed the man up to the sculpture remain unknown.

A few years ago, a woman with special needs had climbed to the sculpture and wanted to jump too. She was also rescued by the Fire Service.

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