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Ryanair strands 201 passengers in Romania instead of Thessaloniki

Dozens of Ryanair passengers were shocked to find themselves in Romania instead of Greece on Friday night.

The plane from London to Thessaloniki landed in Timisoara airport in west Romania on Friday evening, as the pilots could apparently not land in Macedonia airport in Northern Greece due to low cloudiness.

But this was not the only problem. 201 passengers, among them elderly and toddlers, were forced to spend the night at the Romanian airport because Ryanair did not take care of them, and abandoned them without customer service, the stranded passengers told Greek media.
Others turned to social media, as the airline staff was apparently absent in the beginning.

“We had no information whatsoever, we were not given food or water, nor vouchers for hotels to spend the night,” the angry passengers told media.

The passengers had to wait in a side corridor of the airport with freezing temperatures.

Early Saturday morning, Ryanair chartered two buses, and almost half of the passengers took advantage of the opportunity to reach Thessaloniki by road in 22 hours.

“One of the buses had no heating,” the travelers complained.

The remaining passengers stranded in Timisoara are expected to reach Thessaloniki around 4 o’ clock Saturday afternoon, after the Greek Transportation Minister chartered a plane from Aegean Air to bring the Ryanair passengers to Greece.

A representative of Macedonia airport managing company Fraport said that it was the pilot’s decision to change the landing plan and fly further to Romania.

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