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Super Blood Wolf Moon and total eclipse Jan 20-21: Visibility in Greece

The only total lunar eclipse of the year will take place on Sunday night, January 20 to 21, 2019, and the rare phenomenon will be visible not only in Europe, North and South America but also in Greece.

The lunar eclipse coincides with the full moon called Super Blood Wolf Moon.

The eclipse is referred to as a “super blood moon” – “super” because the moon will be closest to the Earth in its orbit during the full moon and “blood” because the total lunar eclipse will give the moon a reddish hue.

The Wolf Moon takes is name from the Native American traditions.

According to native Americans, at this time of the year, packs of hungry wolves were howling  around the people’s settlements.

Best time to watch the eclipse in Greece

Here’s a timeline for the lunar eclipse:

The phenomenon starts at 5:34 a.m. – The Moon starts to dim slightly for the next 57 minutes as it moves deeper into the shadow.

At 6:41 the Moon will be completely in the shadow, marking the beginning of the total lunar eclipse.

At 7:12  is the moment of the greatest eclipse.

By 7:43 the edge of the moon will be exiting the inner shadow and moving into the outer shadow, marking the end of the total lunar eclipse.

Watch here Live Online

The next full lunar eclipse to be visible in Greece will be in February 2024.
All you need to do on January 20-21 is to wake up very early in the morning and wish there ar eno clouds in the sky.

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