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Greece’s Meteo Service warns of Extreme Weather Phenomena

Greece’s National Meteorological Service EMY has issued a Red Alert warning of significant weather deterioration with extreme weather phenomena heavy rainfalls, powerful storms, hail-falls and snow.

According to EMY that has issued the weather red alert, the bad weather front will be coming from South-West, with gusty-winds up to 9 and locally up to 10 Beaufort.

As the weather front will be coming from the Sirte Gulf in Libya, the south winds will bring huge volume of Sahara Dust.

Greece will be the target of powerful air-streams, that is when air is moving with considerable force from an area of high pressure to an area of low pressure.

Weather Forecast analytically and regions affected 5-8 February 2019

Tuesday, 5. Feb


As of afternoon, south Peloponnese, Crete, gradually the rest of Peloponnese. As of evening Islands in the Ionian Sea (south of Corfu), East Sterea and Evia, Cyclades islands. As of the night, the islands of East Aegean Sea and the Dodecanese.

Attica: powerful weather phenomena as of the evening hours and the early morning hours of Wednesday.

Wednesday, 6. Feb

Thessaly, Sporades,  and Pieria (West MAcedonia, Peloponnese, Ionains Sea islands, East Sterea, Evia, islands of East Aegean, Dodecanse and possibly also Halkidiki (Central Macedonia) and island of North Aegean.

Thursday, 7 Feb

East mainland, Evia, Sporades, islands in the country’s  East and South.

Friday, 8 Feb, will also bring snow- and rainfalls


Very gusty East winds: up to 9 Beaufort in the open seas on Tuesday, possibly up to 10 Beaufort in South-East. Winds will gradually weaken as of the early morning hours of Wednesday.

Note: By 9 Beaufort, sea traffic is being halted. Contact local port authorities and travel agents if you plan to travel.


Locally very strong snowfalls on the mountains of Peloponnese and Central Sterea as Tuesday evening.

Snowfalls on mountainous and semi-mountainous regions of Thessaly and Central Sterea on Wednesday.

Sahara Dust


A Weather Red Alert urges authorities and citizens to take precautionary safety measures.

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