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“Greek Political Conscience-EPOS”: Party founded by Macedonia Deal protesters

Protesters against the Macedonia Agreement with FYROM got together and formed a new political party. One of the protests organizers announced the creation of the latest Greek political party, called “Greek Political Consciousness” Ελληνική Πολιτική Συνείδηση, in short EPOS.

Speaking to Skai TV on Thursday, party founder Michalis Patsikas said the EPOS was a “patriotic, democratic, political movement” with its main focus on the Prespes Agreement, even if this is not the only one.

The founder refused to place his party on the right or left political spectrum.

“We are all interested in the national interests. We will leave nothing to the hands of those in the parliament, to the members of soda or kourabies,” Patsikas stressed referring to the latest tragicomic incidents in the Greek Parliament.

The EPOS founder said among others that the party will seek collaborations with other non-parliamentary, patriotic bodies. He excluded cooperation with the extreme-right Golden Dawn as well as with political parties that voted in favor of the bailout agreements.

PS Looks like EPOS would cooperate with Centrists’ Union of Vassilis Leventis and/or the Communist KKE. – Good Luck with that.

According to calculations by an Irish colleague, EPOS is the 86th party founded in Greece since 2009.

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