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Greece’s gov’t spokesman: “There is no banks recapitalization scenario”

Greek Government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos dismissed alleged leaks to the press over the banks’ capital adequacy as “journalistic distortion and scaremongering”.

In an interview with 24/7 FM on Monday, Tzanakopoulos said “These leaks did not start from any statements by (government vice-president Yiannis) Dragasakis. These are a figment of some journalists’ imaginations, who believe they are free to try and destabilise the banking system.”

Tzanakopoulos reaffirmed that “there is no recapitalisation scenario.”

With regards to Dragasakis statements on January 31, the government spokesman said that the government vice-president had stressed that dealing with bad loans is not just about restoring the health of the banking sector but also a social target.

“Greek banks may need fresh recapitalization,” Dragasakis had warned the Greek Parliament.

The government and the competent ministers are in talks with the institutions on the 120 installments for paying off debts to social security funds and the state and, once the talks are concluded, the government will make the corresponding announcements, Tzanakopoulos added.

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