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Car of missing people on Crete found with all four bodies inside

A tragic end for the four people who went missing in Messara, Crete after their car was swept away by rushing stream waters on Saturday night. Short before 12 o’ clock Monday, search teams spotted the car covered with water and mud near the bridge of Petrokefaliou.

According to initial information obtained by local media, at least two bodies have been found inside the vehicle. Later media reported that the bodies of all four passengers were found inside.

The vehicle was spotted after 35 hours of search operation to which teams from the fire service, the coast guard and police participated, but also dozens of volunteers and local residents.


The car was found 1-1.5 km away from the location of the last signal from the passengers’ mobile phones.

It was an hour after midnight Saturday, when police received two desperate calls by the driver and her husband that they were drowning.

In the car were a 30-year-old driver, her husband, 35. her mother 58 and her sister, 21. They had left a nearby village after attending a wedding party. The couple leaves behind a 6-month-old daughter.

Relatives of the missing had gathered in the area again on Monday morning, hoping for a miracle to happen.

A crane pulled the car pull the car out to the water.


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