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Greece to recruit 10,000 doctors and health staff with 1:1 scheme

For the first time after the Greek crisis and the bailout agreements, the government will implement the scheme 1:1 in order to strengthen staff in the country’s health system. The scheme 1 recruitment¬† : 1 departure/retirement was abolished by the lenders’ first bailout of 2010 and replaced with 1:5 scheme that resulted in the massive shortage of personnel especially in the public administration in general and emptied hospitals and health centers in particular.

The Ministers of Administrative Reconstruction, Marilisa Xenogiannakopoulou, and Health, Andreas Xanthos announce don Monday the government plans to proceed with mass recruitment in the public health system.

They announced the recruitment of 10,000 people over the next four years. The plan includes the hiring of 4,000 doctors and 6,000 nursing, paramedical and other staff.

2,500 people, that is 1,000 doctors and 1,500 nurses and other staff will be hired in 2019.

The relevant legislation was passed in February.

“Recruitment enables us to adequately and safely cover the needs of all structures and services of the health system,” Minister Xanthos said.

Priority will be given to the understaffed departments and clinics across the country and to specialized care departments such as Oncology Clinics, Intensive Care Units, Artificial Kidney, Laboratories of All Categories, Emergency Departments, mental health facilities, rehabilitation units, physiotherapy departments, primary care health centers along with their regional clinics and their laboratories.

Had it still been the 1:5 scheme, the government would be able to recruit a total of 1,800 people across the several departments of the public administration in 2019. Under the 1:5 scheme, Army and Security would swallow the biggest part and the crucial area of the social state to rather go empty.

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