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US President Donald Trump and Melania on private trip to Patras

US President Donald Trump and wife Melania took a break from head-aching policies and charities and made a short visit to Greece over the weekend. As the trip was strictly private, they avoided Greek capital Athens and landed directly at the port city of Patras in West Peloponnese.

Although the presidential couple wanted to keep low profile, they did not escape the attention of thousands of carnivalists flocking to the city over the same time.

Within minutes, local authorities prepared a hear-warming welcome ceremony through the streets of the city.

A small but insistent committee took President Trump to downtown hotel and forced him to hold a speech.

Thrilled about the local hospitality, Donald Trump opened Melania’s cosmetics purse and threw banknotes to the cheering crowd.

After the groundbreaking speech promising close cooperation between the cities of Washington and Patras, Donald and Melania appeared at a balcony of the hotel to greet their millions of Greek fans.

Very Important Persons from abroad had another surprise for the Carnivalists in Patras.

Queen Elizabeth made a short appearance in the company of her husband and the heir to the British throne, Carolinos, as local media tempo24.gr reports.

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