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Ridiculous! Hospital Workers unionists lay flowers at Dromeas sculpture (video)

A stunning action by the chairman of the Public Hospital Workers Union, POEDIN. After a protest outside the Labor Ministry, POEDIN chairman Michalis Giannakos moved to the sculpture of Dromeas and laid a few flowers and a small cardboard with the pictures of some ministers and a phrase reading “They bargain everything.”

What does the Hospital Workers Union and their sector goals have in common with an art sculpture featuring a Runner? Fairly nothing. Did they want to pay respect to Arts or commemorate the “Fallen Runner”?

The sculpture of Dromeas by Costas Varotsos is not a monument and has not a historical but a pure artistic significance. It came to the focus of public debate when its creator claimed beginning of the week that the Culture Ministry proposed to him to exchange Dromeas with a sculpture of Alexander the Great from Skopje.

Accompanied by photo-reporters and a camera crew POEDIN chairman lays some flowers to the monument of the “unknown Runner”. A historical moment? Not even. Rather a ridiculous moment in the history of one of the biggest unions in the country.

Media and common Greeks on social media criticize the action as “ridiculous” claiming that the Union chairman had just his own PR promotion in mind.

The union launched a 24-hour strike on Thursday to protest among others the transfer of 526 paramedics (from a total of 2,300) to municipalities.

BTW: I don’t know how successful the strike was, but staff at Evaggelismos hospital was working as usual on Thursday morning.

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