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Mayor of Thessaloniki to impose fines for violations of smoking restrictions

Mayor of Thessaloniki, Yannis Boutaris, announced on Friday that he is determined to  implement the anti-smoking law by the book and will impose fines to owners of restaurants, cafeteria etc as well as to their smoking customers.

“Until Easter we will inform the entrepreneurs and then, with the minimum [law enforcement] power we have, fines will be imposed,” the mayor of Thessaloniki said.

Municipality police is assigned with the task to inform the more than 400 entrepreneurs and has already started the information campaign since mid-March. After Easter the fines will be impose to whose who violate the law.

“I am a smoker. Smoking continues in the shops while it is forbidden. After Easter, with the minimum power we have, fines will be imposed. We are the only country where laws are not applied. If we want a better city, the laws must be applied. There are many complaints, ” Boutaris said at a press conference in the town hall.

The fines start at 600 euros for entrepreneurs who will also face the risk of having their license revoked. Under the current legislation, the fine for smoking customers is 50 euros.

The law affects restaurants, cafeterias, bars and other facilities of similar kind that are in enclosed spaces.

PS I assume, smoking will still be allowed in open spaces, verandas and the tables outside.

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  1. Good move. Why should anyone have to risk their own health because of the nicotine junkies’ addiction. If you can’t even finish a meal without smoking get some therapy.