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Greek state funds Gavras-Varoufakis film “Adults in the Room” with €630,000

The Ministry of Digital Policy approved a grant for the film “Adults in the Room” to be filmed by famous director Costas Gavras and is the cinematic adaption of the book by ex finance minister Yanis Varoufakis.

The amount of 630,000 euros is a grant for director Costas Gavras.

The film is based on Varoufakis’ book and deals with the dramatic negotiations between the SYRIZA government and the international creditors in the first half of 2015 that almost ended to Grexit, the Referendum and the Capital Controls. It has a very critical view on Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.

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Τhe news of the state fund prompted reactions on social media suggesting that with the grant the government will try to censor the film.

Minister for Digital Policy Nikos Pppas issued a statement denying any censorship attempt and declaring proud that the famous director choose to film in Greece.

The Minister drew attention to the fund for audiovisual productions, digitiζing national audiovisual archives and promotion has attracted the interest of 49 international and domestic productions (38 of which have been approved), total private investment over 32 million euros and created 11,500 jobs.

“We are proud to establish and implement the framework to strengthen audiovisual productions that Greece chooses for their filming. We are glad that Costas Gavras chose Greece for his new film. We are clear that we would not attempt any kind of censorship in his script,” the statement says among others.

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