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Dog alerts owners on fire in apartment building in Thessaloniki

A dog in Thessaloniki alerted its owners on a fire that had broken out in an neighboring apartment.

Dog Chloe barked and woke up her owner who realized the building was filled with fumes and called the Fire Service, preventing the worst.

The fire broke out at 7 o’ clock in the morning last Sunday.

Owner Clementine said that 3-year-old Chloe saved the “whole building” with her alarming barking.

She described their adventure as such:

“I live with my partner on the 3rd floor in an apartment in a block of flats in Thessaloniki. My Chloe weighs 26.7 kg, it is 3 years old and I keep her in the apartment. The apartment on the 2nd floor was on fire and Chloe was the first to realize it. The whole building had filled with fumes, it was the only one to realize the fire although there are two other small dogs in other apartments. We immediately called the fire brigade that came directly and took action.”

The owner said she sent her story to website dog’s voice in order to promote their campaign for keeping dogs in apartments.

She wrote on her Facebook page:
“To those who believe that dogs, especially the large one, have no place in apartments I have to say this: Chloe, a 26-kilo dog, was the first to realize that a fire broke out in the apartment below and we called the Fire Brigade. I’m a proud mom, because in the first two years we had Chloe we felt hate and tension with our neighbors for her presence in the apartment. She was a problem them.”

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