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“Guide of Sins” from the darkest Middle Ages distributed to children on Lesvos

Unbelievable! A “Guide of Sins”, a pamphlet directly from the darkest Middle Ages was distributed to elementary school children on the island of Lesvos. In the guide most probably written by a so-called Messiah Anonymous, sins are “parties, movies, theater, songs on the radio and “books that are of no benefit.” Such activities are not only sins, they are moreover, strictly forbidden.

The Guide is separated in sins categories with the fantasyful names “Sins of the Eyes,” Sins of the Feet,” Sins of the Ears”, “Sins of the Tongue” etc.

To the “Sins of the Feet” belong such activities like going to the theater and the cinema because they are not from God. In the same category is “going to parties and dance sinister dances,kick your friends and siblings or not going to the Church.”

“Sins of the Ears” Do you like to listen to “secular” songs of the radio?

It is also unthinkable that a child does go to the church every Sunday to the church or does not attend catechism classes.

“Sins of the Eyes” include “ugly films on TV, reading magazines and books “that do not benefit you” or not read daily the Holy Bible.

The “Guide of Sins” with the title “Child Confession Guide” was distributed to children after church going to mark the last school day before Easter.

The pamphlet urges the children to reckon all their sins before going to confession before before the holy Communion on Easter Saturday as the Greek Orthodox tradition dictates.

PS Poor children. Now they have to spend all week trying to reckon the slightest sin they committed all year long as proscribed by the self-proclaimed Messiah…

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