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8-year-old seriously injured by a stray bullet on East Sunday celebrations

An 8-year-old girl was seriously injured by a stray bullet in a village in Thiva on Easter Sunday. Police investigates to identify the owner of the weapon. Howeverr, 48 hours after the tragic incident neither the gun owner has turned himself to police, nor has the police identified him.

Together with two other children, the girl was playing in the yard of the family home, when it suddenly collapsed in a lake of blood. The horrified parents took their daughter to the nearest health center and form there the girl ended up in a children’s hospital in Athens.

She underwent a surgery and doctors removed the bullet from her head. The girl remains intubated in the intensive care unit of the hospital, struggling for her life.

According to state broadcaster ERT, first ballistic examination showed that the bullet belonged to a revolver of type 357 or 358 Special.

Witnesses told media that there was a feast in a nearby village and gun shots were heard all the time.

“A ravine separates our own village from the other village. The shot came from the opposite village, from Leontari. They had started the feast early in the morning and were constantly shooting in the air. We did not just hear one shot, but many people even saw the house where the feast was being held, because their music was also heard. The children were sitting outside in the yard and playing with their tablet when suddenly we saw our little girl falling down and bleeding form the head.”

Describing the scene the witnesses said that panic broke out, the children screamed and everybody was acting like crazy.

“When the police arrived, they [in the house where the shooting was heard] were still laughing and shooting in the air. These people had not yet understood what had happened, but neither did they care.”

Police investigation in houses of the area did not bring any results, they did not find any guns or the revolver owner, media report.

Locals say that the villages are small communities where everybody knows everything about everybody.

However, 48 hours hours after the tragic incident, the lips remain sealed, neither the gun owner went to police.

Easter customs in Greece are not only noisy and they often end in serious injuries or even deaths.

Two teenagers, aged 13 and 14, are hospitalized after they got injured on Easter Saturday. the fireworks they had with them exploded in their hands, mutilating their fingers. The teenagers from the islands of Kos and Aegina underwent surgery in a children’s hospital in Athens, where they had their fingers attached to their hands again. However, doctors are concerned on whether the two can use their fingers again.

On Easter Sunday, a 53-year-old cameraman was killed when a flare hit him during the so-called flares-war, a 150-old tradition in Kalamata.

The tragic incidents raise for one more time the question of safety during the Easter days and the illegal use of fireworks, flares and weapons.

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