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Cameraman killed by flare while filming traditional event in Kalamata (video)

A 53-year-old cameraman was killed by a flare on Easter Sunday while he was filming the custom of flares war in Kalamata, south Peloponnese.

Kostas Theodorakakis was filming the event when a flare hit him on the head.

He was immediately transferred to the local hospital when he passed away short time after.

The flare-throwers are normally a bit afar from the crowd.

Several witnesses said that the flare instead of flying high first went down, hit the cameraman and then changed course and flew to the air again.

According to local media, there was panic in the crowd with thousands of people attending the event which was immediately cancelled after the tragedy.

He filmed his death… The footage cameraman Kostas Theodorakakis had filmed from the begging of the flares-war until the shocking moment he was hit by the flare.

Police launched an investigation and by Monday morning it had detained six flare-throwers, aged 22-62, and the deputy major responsible for the event.

There have been dozens of denouncements about the lack of security measures. At some point the flares went out of control and in direction of the people instead in the air, witnesses said.

In at least one case, there are pictures of a flare-thrower whose back bag starts sparking and one flare flies into unknown direction.

The detained are to appear before the prosecutor, while police continues the investigation until the circumstances of the tragedy are fully cleared.

Kostas Theodorakakis was a father of two, owner of a radio station and a website and he worked for several local media.

According to local best-tv, the flare that killed him was launched by this man.

The local community is in shock and many people call for the ban of the 150-year-old custom.

Kalamata mayor Konstantinos Nikas doe snot share the citizens’ concern and says the custom will not be banned as it is in the DNA of the Locals.

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