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Greece’s weather: Rainfalls, storms but also soaring temperatures up to 32C

The weather warning issued by Greece’s National Meteorological Service is still valid with rainfalls, storms and strong winds. However, summer seems to be out of our doors as soaring temperatures up to 32 degrees Celsius are forecast over the weekend.

Thursday and Friday, May 16th and 17th 2019, rainfalls and sporadic storms are expected in several regions of the Greek mainland, in the prefecture of Attica and the city of Athens as well as in the Ionian Sea.

Rain forecast Friday, May 17

Particularly affected by the weather phenomena are: Macedonia, Epirus, north Thessaly.

Temperatures are relatively low between 5° and 19° Celsius in the North, 9° and 23° C in Central Greece, 9° to 23° -25° C in the South, Ionian Sea and the Aegean islands.

South winds will be blowing with intensity of up to 7 Beaufort in the Ionian Sea and up to 6 B in the south Aegean Sea.

South winds will also bring Sahara dust from North Africa.

The bad weather front will move away from Greece as of Friday evening, while an invasion of hot weather is right outside our doors.

From weekend May 18-19 until following Tuesday, May 21, a warm invasion in the coming days, from weekends to Tuesday, May 21, temperatures are expected to rise up to 30° and 32° Celsius at midday in the plains of mainland and on the island of Crete.

Video by meteorologist Sakis Arnaoutoglou: Hot weather front May 18-21

Temperature will be 3-5 degrees lower on the mountains, the coastal areas and the islands.

Despite the summer weather, sporadic rainfalls are expected in several parts of the country.

However, the summer break will be of short duration as another bad weather front will strike Greece next week and bring temperatures to lower levels.

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