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Calamari made of gold: Tourists complain about extortionate prices at Mykonos restaurant

A portion of calamari is apparently made of gold, therefore it is offered by a restaurant at the beach of Platis Gialos on the island of Mykonos at a price of 98.5 euros. An outrage US tourist from Brooklyn, New York, who visited the restaurant in May 2019, posted on website tripadvisor the exorbitant bill of proud €836,20 for 6 portions of calamari, 6 beers, 3 salads and a tomato juice at the unreal price of 18 euros.

The tourist posted also a picture of the bill.

Ciscorock’s post triggered a series of comments by other visitors of said restaurant who also complained about the prices and posted pictures of their bills.

Posted by Jordan M who visited the restaurant also in the same month. He complained about “very extortionate drink prices” as he paid €15 for a Sprite soda and €10 for a double Greek coffee, 25 euros in total.

Other tourists complained also about the prices like €9.80 for a portion of tzatziki-cucumber-garlic sauce and €20 for a portion of traditional Greek moussakas.

A glass of prosecco at 68euros?

Many tourists lashed out at the “highly overpriced” facility and described it as a “scam.”

The manager of the facility dismissed the claims saying that all customers receive the menu with the prices on it. Worth noting that the manager did not answered the comments with his or her name but with a pseudonym “PSST+several numbers.”

It should also mentioned that on the tripadvisor presentation of the specific restaurant the price range is given between €40-€200.

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  1. Les touristes ne savent pas lire une carte avant de commander?!

  2. why don’t you post the name of this Restaurant????

    • google search this “ciscorock tripadvisor” and you will find out. Am guessing for legal reason they cant post name.

  3. i don t think that this is a legal receipt

    • Xenos sthn Athina

      These are definitely not legal receipts: they are all bills, which should be followed up by a proper receipt upon payment (normally Greek businesses do not distinguish between bills and receipts). If the customers were not provided with legal receipts then this is a criminal offence. It’s possible that the apodeksi were not itemised, which is why they used images of the bills: this is another piece of Greek crookery and malakies, that receipts are frequently not specific and properly itemised.

    • Indeed… Isn’t. This is just a simple piece of paper

    • All the above are not legal receipt’s and according to the Greek tax law the customer does not have to pay unless a legal receipt provided. The legal receipt has the name of the restaurant the tax registry number the adress and many more. Because all these incident’s are high embarashing for the Greek islands please show the legal receipt’s just covering the name and the adress of the restaurant otherwise all these incident’s maybe considered as not true.

  4. Christina Ananiadis

    what is the name of the restaurant?

  5. Allow me to add that we do not see a legal receipt at the pictures. It is only a piece of paper that goes to the foreign travelers (as they are not familiar with the Greek tax system).

    What I want to say is that the specific restaurant is not paying any taxes at the end of the day, and is a bad bad publicity for our country!

    • 90 percent of my greek bar and restaurants bills are a handwritten piece of rough paper and if you insist on a legal bill they don`t give it to you. so call the police or what to do? waste your time on ignorants? anyway they betray there own country.


  7. why so much whining about ‘legal’ reciepts, when the real issue is that there are plenty of tourists with more money than brains, and plenty of ripoff artists waiting to fleece them. as the saying goes ‘omoios ston omoio toy kai koypria sta laxana’. Any sane self respecting person would already keep well clear of such establishments, so wheres the problem?
    as for all the rage about ‘legal’ reciepts… Since when is it right for some politicians and bankers to nose themselves into private business between willing people? and to demand that those people spy on themselves and each other, under threats? sorry, just because some politicians passed a ‘law’ does not make it right, and the further the politicians go to pervert the law, the further away their laws will get from justice. Too far and the whole society turns upside down, and history is full of examples where that gets violent. People can only stomach so much injustice and shakedowns, and calling it ‘legal’ doesnt change that it’s wrong.

    • Xenos sthn Athina

      The clear fact that Greece is heavily over-taxed after the eurozone crisis does not alter the fact that if businesses and individuals operate “off the books” then you cannot expect the State to be able to finance much — so, no schools, no universities, no road maintenance, and all government agencies should operate at third world levels of financing in poor buildings and with very low pay.

      Your idea that business transactions are “private” and nothing to do with the State is just nonsense. If you believe that there is no need for a State and also that Greece should not be in the EU (and therefore not paying Value Added Tax) then just say so. Quite what sort of country you expect this to be I don’t know: probably Egypt would be the closest example. So, just come out and say: “I want Greece to be like Egypt and not anything like Germany or France.”

  8. Pamela Nikolakis

    How does a restaurant give a customer a bill without that name of the restaurant on it.? That is not legal and this restaurant must be reported. I will gladly report it to the authorities if I know the name of it. The prices they charge for water is illegal.

  9. It is always best to pay an overpriced bill by credit card that you can dispute . . .

  10. No, we should not be in the EU, and no, we should not be paying VAT on everything. The state has no business in anything but the prevention of one person or group from violating the basic rights of life, liberty, and property, of others. Against offenders inside our community we call this police and courts of law. Against offenders outside our community we call this the army. There is nothing else the state should be involved in, and the moment it does get involved beyond that, it becomes a gigantic festival of corruption.

    the comparison to egypt is totally pointless. Thats yet another sewer of corruption in a powerful state-controlled economy.
    The closest opposite to that in the modern world might be some of the mountain cantons of Switzerland. Oh, and there you can see how germany and france have been pressing for years to try to force switzerland into more and more of their ‘agreements’ to the very end of destroying the freedom those people have managed to preserve. Sorry, the more power and wealth you put into bigger and bigger centers of power (same goes for huge megacorporations as well, no difference from states!) , the more corrupt, abusive, and unaccountable they get. that’s just a fact of life. If you like your festival of corruption, then probably you’re profiting from it, either financially or in enjoying a power-trip over others, in either case you are then.. part of the problem.

    • Xenos sthn Athina

      I’m sorry, but this is just incoherent nonsense of an Anarchist nature. The only reason there is VAT on everything is because of the massive Greek debt and the eurozone crisis: the excessive taxes are imposed to attempt repayment in a futile policy, but you see the point. The VAT system is a logical way of financing the State (and the EU, to some extent) which is currently being abused by the Greek government and the Troika. If managed properly, it should be a fair taxation system: currently, it is not.

      Your ideal-state of Swiss cantons is pure fiction. Some of these are isolated from the real world, extremely conservative, intolerant and racist. If you want to go and live in a tiny village or island, feel free to do so: the isolated ones will reject you as not one of them, and the cosmopolitan ones will not be significantly different from most towns in Greece.

      As for the pressure exerted by Germany on Switzerland, to any normal person it is a big step forward that the closed Swiss bank accounts used by criminals, dirty billionaires, corrupt politicians etc across the world are now opened for inspection. Only a fool would support the secrecy of bank accounts for the world’s rich. And of course, while European countries were fighting wars (and in the case of the Allied Forces fighting Nazi horrors), the Swiss simply collected money and declared themselves “neutral” so as to maximise their “wealth” and also protect it for the future. To my mind this is nothing other than selfish greed — and you call it “freedom”.

      And kindly do not post personal attacks on my motives. That is called ad hominem argument, and is totally inappropriate as well as being incorrect. You are part of the problem, not I, because you are apparently wedded to some crazy ideology that makes no sense and offers no solution to serious and increasing problems of inequalities and injustices within the developed world and even more so globally.