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Sweeping victory for New Democracy in European and local elections – Live Results

A sweeping victory for conservative New Democracy towards SYRIZA is being recorded for the European, local and regional elections.

According to estimation by the Greek Interior ministry based on 10% of counted votes, the difference between ND and SYR is at 9% for the EU elections, with an error margin of +/- 0.5%.

New Democracy 33% – 7 seats

SYRIZA 24% – 6 seats

KINAL/PASOK 7.5% – 5 seats

Communist KKE 5.5% – 2 seats

Golden Dawn 4.9% – 2 seats

Greek Solution (nationalists) 4.2% – 1 seat

MeRa25 (Varoufakis) 3.1% – 1 seat

Other parties 17.8%

SYRIZA wins same number of seats as in the 2014 elections, and ND wins 2 more. GD loses 1 seat. KKE and PASOK maintain same number of seats. To Potami and ANEL lose 2 and 1 seats respectively. They do not manage to send MEP to the European Parliament.

Voters’ participation is at 56.43%

Half an hour after the first official results, ND leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis urged Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to resign and call on snap elections.

Municipality elections

Athens: Bakoyiannis (ND) 42.6% – Iliopoulos (SYR) 16.9%

Thessaloniki: Tahiaos (ND) 22.2% – Zervas 14.7%

Regional elections

Attica; Patoulis (ND) 37.12% – Dourou 20.20%

For Live Results check with the website of the Interior Ministry here.

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  1. abstentions ?

  2. ND means “No Democracy”: rule by useless bankers like Samarás. Good luck with that.