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Heat wave in Greece and Western Europe – Forecast June 22-26

June rain and thunderstorms disappear and are replaced with hot aerial masses that bring Greece to …boil. Temperatures will go high up to 39 degrees Celsius in what meteorologists describe as a prolonged heat wave.

Temperature will gradually start rising on Saturday, June 22, to maximum 35°-36° C in the average. Locally like in Thessaly, Central Greece, it will reach up to 37° C.

On Sunday, June 23, it will rise even higher to an average of 35°-37° C, whereas in Thessaly it will reach up to 38°-39° C.

The hot aerial masses are coming from Africa and will affect not only Greece but also West Europe.

The following video shows the movement of the hot masses from June 21st until June 25 in the afternoon. It should be noted that while temperature in the north of Greece will decrease as of Monday, June 24th, Western Europe will suffer from a heat wave.

According to latest information, authorities have issued heat wave warning for Germany, Belgium and Frace. Forecast temperatures: Germany 38° C, Belgium 37° C, France 40° C.

Greece – Weather Forecast analytically June 22-26, 2019

Saturday, June 22

Sunday, June 23

Monday, June 24

Tuesday, June 25

Wednesday, June 26

Please, note that the forecast temperatures are at 3:00 o’ clock afternoon and in the shade.

The month of June has been so far a month with intense thunder activity.  Between June 9-20, 2019, a total of 96,200 thunderbolts fell in Greece. In the map below you see the regions where more than 100 thunderbolts per 100 sq km fell,

sources: National Observatory of Athens and its service website

PS Grab your beach wear, sun umbrellas and suntan and before you leave home remember to put a bowl of fresh water outside. For the strays, for course.

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