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Aigina water supply to finally come true as pipeline goes underwater

A crucial infrastructure work is close to come true: The direct water supply of the island of Aigina from the mainland is being gradually completed after the fourth section of the submarine water pipeline went underwater of Friday. The unique project for Greek realities will connect the island of Aigina with Salamina in West Attica and improve the quality of life for the locals and the thousands of visitors each year.

The dream of continuously running drinking water through the faucets in households and businesses, the independence of water bringing vessels and water tanks and “weird” water of desalination has been top priority of locals and visitors for several decades. I was young and grew old to hear every summer when the island population grew ten times about the need of direct water supply. But petty interests did not allow the water supply connection between the mainland and the favorite visitors’ destination in the Saronic Gulf, just 47 nautical miles away of Athens. Finally, the dream comes true.

The construction of an underwater water transport pipeline in Aegina has a budget of € 30,135,000 and is funded by the Regional Government of Attica.

The length of pipeline is 14,225 meters, maximum depth at 94 meters.

Water supply: 21,500 cubic meters.

The launch of the fourth part of the under water pipeline took place successfully on Friday and in the presence of outgoing Regional Governor of Attica, Rena Dourou, the deputy governor for the Saronic Gulf islands, Panagiotis Chatziperos and the Mayor of Aegina, Dimitris Mourtzis.

The laying of the pipeline has started and progresses smoothly, and soon there will be a continuous flow of water on Aigina, outgoing Regional Governor Rena Dourou said in a statement.

“This is a project of high technical requirements and specifications, which satisfies the long-standing need of the inhabitants of the area and is being implemented by the current administration of the Attica Region,” Reina Dourou added.

It is not clear when the water flow will exactly start. Dourou said “Very soon.”

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  1. Weve had a golden opportunity to adopt a mentality and lifestyle of conservation and a shorter , closer loop back to the earth- a life more local, with less technology and more individualized attention and solutions relevant to every small area. Of course, this approach has no room for centralized authority or central organization, it has no room for big construction and contracting projects, it has no use for things owned or controlled by some company or some politician, and finally such an approach involves changing things now to benefit the future, instead of burning everything now and screw the future.
    of course, instead of that, we have a whole island that somehow cant find any water and has to get a pipeline carrying water under the sea. who wins? politicians and their cronies who both pocket the immediate rake-okk but also make themselves look like heroes to the current population who can be bought with such insanity. The future generations (not just in greece because this is a world wide insanity) will go to great lengths to dissociate themselves from themodern day monsters who left them a broken,poisoned earth..

    oh and from where are they stealing the water to supply this pipline, to flush toilets and fill swimming pools on aigina?