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Turkey ignores EU measures, sends 4th drilling vessel to Cyprus

Turkey has ignored the punitive measures released by the European Union late on Monday and announced that it is sending a fourth drilling vessel to Cyprus. This was announced on Tuesday morning by Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu currently on a visit to North Macedonia.

Commenting on the EU measures, Cavusolgu said “We shouldn’t take the EU decision seriously. The EU needs us and they should also know that implementation of the measures is not possible.”

After the release of the EU measures, the Furkish Foreign Ministry issued a statement in which it condemned them.

Turkish Foreign Ministry statement

The European Council’s decision to suspend high-level talks with Ankara won’t affect Turkey’s determination to continue hydrocarbon activities in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Turkey will continue to protect its and Turkish Cypriots’ rights and will increase its activities in this aspect.

This decision shows how prejudiced and biased the European Union is on the Cyprus issue as Turkish Cypriots, who have equal rights to the natural resources of the island, are not mentioned and ignored.    

This decision is the latest example of how Greeks and Greek Cypriots abuse EU membership in line with their maximalist positions and how other EU countries become an instrument for carrying out this abuse.  

PS are they for real?

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  1. Stephen Mundane

    Unfortunately, they are for real. A good lesson in how to deal with the EU though!