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Poros: Video shows the last minutes of helicopter flight before crash

A video shows the last minutes of the helicopter that crashed in the sea off the port of the island of Poros on Tuesday. The Augusta A 109C takes off from a make-shift helipad and gains some height. An explosion has occurred and white smoke is seen. It crashes into the sea and sinks taking the lives of three people within seconds after the take off.

A big Search And Rescue operation is launched, rescuers can only recover the lifeless bodies of the pilot and two Russian passengers.

The helicopter took off from Galatas with destination the Athens International Airport.

Dead are the Greek pilot, Nikos Karystinos, with 7,000 flight hours in Greek Air Force.

Mikhail Abramov and Davel Akolinin.

Abramov was a businessman and philanthropist and founder of Museum of Russian Icons in Moscow.

Τhe helicopter cabin: formless mass.

Authorities investigate whether the crash was due to a human error or the result of a technical failure.

Video: helicopter recovery from the sea

Media reported that tail of the helicopter touched electricity wires.

Immediately after the crash on Tuesday afternoon, a black out occurred on the touristic island of Poros. The Public Power Company hope to restore the power supply Wednesday afternoon.

Illegal Helipad

Daily tanea reports that the power wires near the helipad of Galatas are at a height of 80-100 meters.  There are reports of May 2018 pointing out at the danger of the PPC cables between Galata and Poros. Experts had requested the installation of special reflectors so that the cables are clearly visible to pilots. Alternatively, the cables could be underground, however, this solution was time consuming and costly.

According to media information, chairman of the Committee on Accident and Flight Safety, Athanasios Binis, documented the dangers of the cables in May 2018 and called for the installation of reflectors.

According to Ta NEA, the PPC grid operator ADMHE, however, has never received such a request.

The deputy mayor of Poros, Giorgos Koutouzis told state broadcaster ERT TV that he helipad of Galatas is illegal as it has not been licensed. “Private companies allow their helicopters take off and land at their own responsibility,” he said.

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