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Evicted migrants in Exarchia to either land in hot spots or be deported

Following the big police operation in Exarchia on Monday, evicted migrants landed in provisional accommodations or are awaiting to be deported.

There were 143 people living in two squats under dangerous health conditions.

Of them there were  57 men, 51 women and 35 minors. They came to Greece from Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Eritrea and Turkey.

All were boarded on police buses and taken to Aliens Department to ascertain the status they are in in our country.

The majority of them have reportedly sought asylum.

For minors who were found to belong to evicted families and were not unaccompanied, police began searching for accommodation to move in together with their parents.However, the Ministry of Immigration Policy did not specify, in what open structures the families would be accommodated and whether these structures have been found.

Many families told police that they have been living in the squats in Exarchia for the last three years, when theirs tents were removed from the Pedion toy Areos Park, near Exarchia.

Nine migrants who had no documents with them the process to deport them is expected to begin.

134 migrants are currently accomodated in a hotel, while those to be deported in facilities of the Greek police.

No drugs or other “suspicious” material were found in the squats where the migrants were living.

Detained were two Greeks, aged 57 and 41, as well as a 65-year-old French national.

one Greek has no links to the anarchist scene, while the second was arrested in 1995 during the occupation of the Athens Polytechnic School. Police reportedly considers the French as “the most dangerous” as he was recently arrested for throwing molotov cocktail bombs at the police station of Acropolis during a protest against Airbnb.

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