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Ferries docked on Sept 24 due to 24h general strike in Greece

Ferries and ships will remain docked on Tuesday, September 24, 2019, due to a 24-hour strike decided by the Greek Seamen and Dockworkers Federations, PNO and PENEN.

The PNO leadership decided to launch the 24-hour strike nationwide for crew of all ships categories.

Ferries and ships will remain docked from 06:00 a.m. on Tuesday, September 24 until 06:00 a.m. Wednesday, September 25, 2019.

PNO and PENEN, in fact, join the 24-hour general strike called by public sector union ADEDY on Sept 24.

Workers unions demand the withdrawal of the “development” law which among others includes also provisions that bring changes in the labor market.

One of these provisions refers to the right of strike and the electronic register for trade union members.

“Aim of the law is that the government controls employees’ unions and to undermine the workers’ right to strike,” ADEDY notes in a strike statement.

It lists the e-register for trade unions’ members, the electronic vote to strike, an overhaul of the business bargain agreement over the collective bargaining in case of financial problems of a company.

“Workers are dealt with as if they were a development problem,” ADEDY president stressed.

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  1. you think you going on strike hurts the bankers, politicians, and corporate bosses? are you dreaming?
    if the shipping company loses any money form this theyll get it back in subsidies and infinite cheap to free credit from the banks, backed up by bailouts from taxpayers and endless ‘public’ debt on the backs of citizens for decades to come.
    the only people hurt by this will be people who needed to travel to get to work, or get a sick grandmother to a doctor, or see family, or all the other reasons normal people have to get on the road. Of course, the union bosses who make these idiotic decisions are part of the same elite that they like to publicly complain about.
    open your eyes people! If you want to change things you have to stop thinking in the worn out and false narrative the system has told you, and start understanding how the pieces fit together for real!