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DevMin: “Stability, privatizations, flexible employment will bring investment to Greece”

“Stability, privatizations and flexible employment will bring investments,” Development Minister Adonis Georgiadis said on Friday. “We are building an investment environment that allows the investor to make money and we tell him you will come here, will not be bothered by going from office to office, you will not beg for a license or a paper.”

Speaking at a Development Conference in Patras, the minister said among others “there is no way we will fail. At the moment there are a number of factors that did not exist in the past, which collectively attest to what the international press writes that Greece is evolving into the new hot destination for investment.”

Georgiadis described the factors that will attract investors as follows:

  • political stability that will exist for four years
  • a giant privatization program, which has already begun and will evolve in the coming years
  • a highly competitive and flexible labor market and a well-trained high quality workforce”.

The fourth factor, Adonis Georgiadis said, “is the extremely low borrowing rates of the country, due to the political stability and reform agenda of the government but also due to the international situation.”

“Everything I have said creates an extremely favorable investment environment,” the Minister of Development said.

All for the investors?

The Development Minister underlined that “all this will be done in compliance with environmental legislation, European rules on labor rights, and sustainable development, because in the modern world, what is needed is sustainable development.”

Gerorgiadis  noted that “if we work in this way, our country will soon be a different country, having left behind the crisis and the misery of the past. ”

The crisis will be left behind, “when jobs are created, people will earn money, unemployment will actually be reduced, not based on benefits, jobs in social work and EU funding. There will be real work in the real labor market with a truly productive outcome, which will show the rising competitiveness of the Greek economy,” Georgiadis added.

Real earned money, real jobs, real unemployment decrease in a labor environment of “flexible employment”? All these certainly for a few people for a limited time. The rest can join the brain drain for a better future in a less neo-liberal country.

PS Poor Georgiadis, he forgot to mention in his speech two other important factors that scare investors off: “bureaucracy” and “taxation”. But he has a difficult task: his own image. In a recent public opinion poll he ranked No 10 in the preference of Greeks’ judging New Democracy ministers and their work in the last two months. Maybe investors will give him a higher ranking…

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