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120-year-old Greek Orthodox icon from Rhodes on US Tour

A 120-year-old Orthodox icon has just made the over 5,000-mile journey from Rhodes, Greece to the Baltimore area.

“It’s the first time that this icon has ever left the village,” said Father Zacharias Mavroudis.

This religious icon is that of Saint Paraskevi, a saint many Greek Orthodox pray to. Some say she has even performed miracles.

“She saw in her dreams St. Paraskevi informing her about her breast cancer, and she actually did have breast cancer,” Father Mavroudis said.

In total, the icon will stop at 11 churches, in six states during its month in the country. Father Zacharias Mavroudis will be accompanying the icon on its journey.

The entire icon is made out of silver donated by inhabitants of the village, Father Mavroudis said.

Flora Christ remembers seeing and praying to the icon in Greece before immigrating to the U.S. in 1961.

“To me, it’s everything, it’s my messenger,” Christ said. “Anytime I ask for help, she helps me,”

The Patron Saint of Kattavia, a small village of Rhodes, Greece, is considered to be a healer of the blind. Maria Trintist Stanas is the president of the Kattavian society, which is responsible for bringing the icon to the states.

“We’re all praying for something, and she’s not just for the eyesight. So many people have so many needs and I think society needs her,” Trintist said.

The icon will remain at St. Demetrios through the weekend. You can see it in person at their Greek Festival, which kicks off Thursday night and runs through Sunday.

source CBS Baltimore & video

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