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Skopelos Municipality request “state of emergency” following hail storm

A heavy hail storm that swept over the island of Skopelos on Friday caused severe damages in infrastructure. The Municipality submitted a request to the Civil Protection asking that the “state of emergency.”

Especially affected are the areas of Glossas, Klimatos and the settlement of Panormos.

“There are problems on 2/3 of the island. There damages to the harbor, the rural and forestry network, the municipal lighting network, and we have a great financial disaster as the olive grove is completely destroyed,” Deputy Mayor of Skopelos, Aristides Voulgaris, said.

The hail- and rainstorm stroke around 11 o’ clock on Friday morning, with powerful winds blowing over the island at the same time.

In its request for the “state of emergency”, Skopelos Municipality records a series of damages as such:

  • Loads of broken tree branches an other items swept by the rain on the sewage system and the rural and forest traffic network. 
  • Erosion of rural and forest roads.
  • Damages to water and power supply network and sewage system, especially in the KLima area.
  • Significant damages to the ports of Loutraki, Glossa and Klima.
  • Significant damages to school buildings

By Saturday morning, part of the traffic network was restored due to the immediate response of municipality.

In some areas, the water and power supply was restored, state broadcaster ERT TV reported on Saturday.

source: magnisianewsmagnisiatv,

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