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Volos: Dog thrown into the sea with tied legs and heavy stones

A horrible case of animal abuse: The legs of a dog were tied with rope, while the barbaric humans had in addition tied heavy stones on his body. The animal was thrown into the sea. ATTENTION: Graphic picture below!

The body of the poor animal was found by a passerby not far form the shore of Anavros area of Volos in Central Greece on Sunday morning.

The woman informed the Port Authority of Volos that sent a boat to recover the lifeless body form the sea.

The dog’s legs and body were tied with a rope. In addition heavy tiles similar to those used for pavements were tied on the dog’s body.

Before the animal is buried, Municiaplity authorities will search if the dog had a microchip.

The Port Authority of Volos is reportedly investigates the case of animal abuse that is punishable in Greece.

However, prosecution and fines do not seem to prevent perpetrators from abusing animals. Courts much too often sentence the animal haters with suspended sentences.

Dozens of stray cats and dogs have fallen victim to poisoning across the country again lately.

PS as in many other cases, I’m afraid, also the perpetrator/rs of Volos will not be found ….

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  1. selon où et comment les gens vivent, si leur chien meurt, ils ne savent pas quoi faire du corps. il faudrait une autopsie pour savoir si le chien a été noyé ou s’il était déjà mort quand il a été jeté à l’eau. mais globalement, c’est vrai que la route est longue, longue, longue avant que la vie des bêtes en grèce devienne supportable. merci KTG de nous garder informés : ce matin, je l’avoue, beaucoup de tristesse à propos des animaux (cette histoire à folegandros !!!)