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Thessaloniki: Hour-old newborn abandoned outside apartment building

A young mother abandoned her new born baby outside an apartment building in Thessaloniki, North Greece, on Tuesday. The baby girl was just a couple of hours old and had still the umbilical cord attached.

Police quickly managed to identify the mother and arrest her. She was transferred to a hospital.

The labor reportedly took place in the mother’s apartment at 12 o’ clock noon.

Early afternoon, a resident of the apartment building found the baby wrapped in a bed sheet.

The resident called the ambulance, the baby girl  was transferred to a nearby hospital.

Judging by the condition of the umbilical cord, that was roughly cut, doctors estimated that the baby was born about 2.5 hours earlier.

According to the administration of Ippokrateio hospital, the baby’s health condition is good. For preventive reasons, doctors have reportedly placed the 2.5-kilo baby into an incubator.

Police investigates the circumstance under which the baby was abandoned outside the building.

According to media, the mother’s boy friend and brother helped her with the labor.

The mother said that she was not aware that she was pregnant, state broadcaster ERT TV reported.

The 24-year-old mother has been also transferred to the hospital.

She was located in her apartment close to the building where the newborn was found.

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