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Earthquake 6.1R strikes between Crete and Kythera, NW of Chania

An earthquake measuring 6.1 R stroke in the sea area between the islands of Crete and Kythera at 9:23 a.m. on Wednesday. No tsunami risk, say Greek seismologists. The tremor was so powerful that it was felt also in half of Greece, including the far away mainland. Preliminary reports about material damages on Crete.

The epicenter was 75 km North-West from Chania and 40 km NW from the village Platanos. Its focal depth was 71 km and lasted around 30 seconds. Initially its magnitude was given as 5.8 R and was corrected to 6.1 R.

Red Line is the major fault line

The powerful earthquake did not only shake Crete and especially its western part, especially in Kissamos, Palaiochora and the north parts of Chania. The tremor had people in Chania, Rethymno, Irakleio and Lasithi to rush outside their homes and businesses.

According to preliminary reports, an hour after the earthquake, there have been material damages in the high school of Kissamos and in old, abandoned houses.

Schools in Kissamos have been closed for the day, control checks for damages are to start immediately, local media report.

Deputy Mayor of Kythera, Giorgos Kominos told state broadcaster ERT TV that the earthquake was particularly felt on the island and that they had schools evacuated. No reports about damages or injuries so far on Kythera.

The tremor was felt in the whole south Aegean Sea, the Peloponnese, and in Athens, some 330 km away form Chania. It was the tremor focal depth that had it felt in such far away distances, experts say.

In Athens schools students were ordered to go outside, principals are awaiting for a decision of the Education Ministry on how to proceed further.

Note that Albania is shaken with strong aftershocks after the 6.4R on Tuesday, and therefore people in North Greece may have felt these earthquakes.

Greek seismologists appear reassuring, saying that such earthquakes do not have aftershocks.

Citing seismologists at the National Observatory of Athens, ERT TV reported that there is no risk for a tsunami.

Thanasis Ganas, Director of Research in Athens Observatory, said that the earthquake is not linked to the 6.4 R that hit Albania on Tuesday.

According to Greek seismologists, the Albanian earthquake would trigger earthquakes in Greece, if its magnitude was above 7 on Richter scale.

Meanwhile in Albania, the number of dead has increased to 21, rescuers are racing against time.

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