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Kalamata City suspends 5G network fearing locals will become infertile!

The City Council of Kalamata decided to suspend the pilot program of 5G network fearing possible negative effects on citizens’ health. In fact, it was a group of citizens who protested the advanced wireless technology speaking of “the experiment 5G” in their city and forced the elected local authorities to suspend the program.

16 out of 29 members of the City Council adopted the unscientific, unfounded, xenophobic and conspiracy-theoretical claims that:

  • the 5G is an “experiment” using the Kalamata citizens as “guinea pigs” with the aim to “sterilize” them. At the same time, the “constant influx of migrants will change the demographic composition of the city” … after the Kalamatians become infertile.

According to local media eleftheriaonline, during the council meeting, the citizens distributed their appeal, a long text/letter written by a local engineer who claimed among others:

“Our country has been in a state of infertility for some years now, and at the same time there is a huge influx of immigrants. In this dramatic context, and based on international literature, the application of high levels of radiation will be able to ‘sterilize’ the Kalamata citizen, apart from the other adverse effects on health, will give a shocking blow effect to our city, thus contributing to the overall demographic problem of Greece.”

The letter concludes with a call to city councilors: “Today you have a historic opportunity to preserve public health in your area, the quality of life of the Kalamata citizen, and even more importantly the viability of the next generation, but perhaps a generation that may be never be born due to the 5G.”

Kalamata is the first city in Greece to implement the 5G. The contract is expiring on 31. December 2019.

According to local media tharrosnews, Mayor of Kalamata, Thanassis Vassilopoulos, had proposed a information event to take place in January and during which the potential health effects should be discussed. Should no health effects be confirmed, pilot program should be extended, the mayor proposed.

Apparently the Mayor was alone with his proposal.

Citizens attending the Council meeting welcomed the voting results with applaud and cheers and declared that this was a “first victory.”

It should be noted that 5G pilot networks already exist in many major cities such as New York and London, and their development is booming.

The citizens of the 70,000-inhabitant city in South Peloponnese are not alone in their fears about the 5G network, although reverse health impact has not been scientifically proven..

The development of the technology has elicited a range of responses regarding concerns that 5G radiation could have adverse health effects. An article in the scientific magazine Scientific American emphasized that complete scientific research regarding its effects have not been conducted and that there could be health risks Wired characterized fears that the technology could cause cancer, infertility, autism, Alzheimer’s, and mysterious bird deaths as “conspiracy theory”. The US FCC and nearly all other regulators claim 5G radiation will have no significant health effects.

PS of all “possible health effects” incl cancer, the Kalamata citizens mostly feared about their infertility. In the next City Council they may vote to suspend electricity and happily live ever after using oil lamps. Kalamata is famous for its olive oil and the …pot, which they obviously smoke above the admissible levels.

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    • keeptalkinggreece

      you neither

      • I suggest that you first read the scientific studies about the risks of 5G technology to human health, then you may publish your opinion.

        • no time, trying to keep balance on the flat earth

          • your attitude is very ignorant. You think you are being funny making a joke out of people’s serious, and justified concerns. If you’re too busy to investigate, then keep your lame opinions to yourself.

        • you are 100% right, G-radiations affect people’s intellectual capacities and believe anything pseudo-scientific posting they find on internet.

          • fortunately the people who have commented here have done the research that you refuse to do, and you make fun! They say ignorance is bliss, you must be very happy.

  1. Finally, people are beginning to realize that cell towers, cell phones and all things wireless are dangerous. Yes, electromagnetic fields DO cause sterility. And cancer. And neurological disease like Alzheimer’s. And a lot of other problems. They are also responsible for wiping out 75% of the insects, 50% of amphibians, and 30% of the birds. There are over 10,000 independent scientific studies showing that electromagnetic fields from wireless technology are harmful, which you can find on https://www.emf-portal/en. Also look at the excellent website https://www.mdsafetech.org for a very complete list of studies on the effects on human health and nature.

    What people do not seem to realize is that 2G,3G, and 4G were just as much experiments as 5G. We need to ban ALL wireless technologies now. On the mdsafech.org site, you will also find a page which links to early experiments regarding wireless technologies, including millimeter waves. They have ALWAYS known these technologies were dangerous.

    Well done, Kalamata, and shame on you, KTG, for sneering at one of the more intelligent decisions made in this country to date. It is to be sincerely hoped that 5G, and all wireless technologies, will be rejected worldwide and we will be able to live in a safe and healthy environment once again.

  2. This is GREAT news! Bravo to the people of Kalamata!
    Thank you Diana and Elisavet for your comments, you are absolutely correct.

    Ktg, 5G is not only dangerous to health but if the frequency is changed (which can happen by accident) it can kill. Thus its secondary use is as a weapon and it is integral to many ongoing weapons programs presently under development.
    Furthermore, because of its power, 5G needs many transmitting towers close to each other to function. This means every few city blocks.

    Israel, which is a world leader in digital technology, has BANNED 5G in its country. THAT’s surely worth considering. And Brussels, home of the EU and home to the HQs of every international corporation operating in Europe has also banned 5G.

    Sorry, but this is no ‘tinfoil hat’ conspiracy theory. The fact that you may not have heard of it to date is because it is kept out of the MSM and instead ‘pilot programs’ are put in place.

  3. PS – the fact that you may not agree with the reasons Kalamata gave for rejecting 5G (xenophobic, etc) does not invalidate the dangers that 5G represents.

    It is vitally important to AVOID mixing political motives into discussions of a dangerous technology. This is not a culture issue nor political (i.e. right / left wing ) issue but a question of heath, safety and in fact national defence.

    5G is meeting serious scientific and defence resistance all over the world.

  4. Just nonsensical peasant mentality. The causes of declining male fertility across the world are explicitly linked with dangerous additives in food and stressful lifestyles. There is no known linkage with current levels of electromagnetic radiation.
    i am not in favour of increasing EMR levels, since there is no need to do so other than money-making ventures. Far more important, though, is to address the issues of environmental pollution, food contamination and global warming. All of these are proven issues affecting directly the health and survival of human beings. Even one small issue — air pollution from traffic — is now proven to have damaged the brains of children and lowered their IQs. This has been going on for many many decades (and explains how people are so stupid as to vote for far right political parties, Brexit, etc.)
    So, let’s see the peasants of Kalamata ban additives in food, traffic from areas with schools and housing, and also address environmental problems generally. I won’t hold my breath…